The Beer Distribution Game

Start today. Play The Beer Distribution Game.

All basic versions of the Beer Distribution Game are free and will remain so forever. If you sign up for a free account, you get access to your game results history and the Multigame feature for four parallel games. Coming soon: purchase extra parallel games to play the Beer Distribution Game with larger audiences.

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Casual Players

For casual players wanting anonymous access.

No account needed

Single Player

Multiplayer (4 Players)


Pro Player

For those who want systematically improve their game or want or want to faciltiate multiple games in parallel.

Requires a free transentis account.

Single Player

Multiplayer (4 Players)

Multigame (two parallel games, Single Player or Multiplayer)

Game result history


/Pass plus VAT
Extra Game Pass

For Beer Game facilitators who want to play the Beer Game with large audiences.

Requires a free transentis account.

One extra parallel game (4 Players) per pass

Passes are valid for 8h once activated

Unused passes are valid for one year after purchase. After that, they can no longer be activated.

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